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SEO Health Tools

SEO Checker

How good is your SEO?
Find out now.

Scan site

Scan Site for Malware

Is your site infected?
Scan now to find out!

Scan for malware

Check if Your Website is Down

Not sure if your site is down?
Find out now!

Check server status

Moz Rank Checker

Check your Moz rank,
domain authority, and page authority.

Check Moz rank

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Suggestions

Need variations of a keyword?
Conduct some keyword research.

Get suggestions

Check Keyword Density

Check how many times
keywords appear on your page.

Check keyword density

Check Ranking Position

Where do you rank on Google?
Find out now.

Check rankings

SEO Content Tools

Metadata Generator

Create metadata for
your website and pages.

Generate metadata

Check Metadata

Check the SEO metadata
on your website and pages.

Check metadata

Word & Character Counter

Check how many words
and characters are in your content.

Get word count

Code to Text Ratio

How much code vs. text
is on your page?

Check code to text

Technical SEO Tools

Generate Sitemap.xml

Create an XML sitemap
for your website.

Create sitemap.xml

Generate Robots.txt

Need a robots.txt file?
Look no further.

Create robots.txt

Page Speed Checker

See how fast
your page really is.

Check page speed

Link Analyzer

Analyze the internal
and external links on a webpage.

Analyze links

Broken Link Checker

Check the links on your page
to make sure they’re not broken.

Check broken links

Backlink Checker

Check how many backlinks
your website has.

Check backlinks

Simulate Google Bot

Not sure what Google’s seeing?
Now you can.

Crawl like Google